Will start writing again.

I love writing. Mostly on beautiful notepads with pen. But most of the time I considered my writings as private notes. Did not share a word with outside world. Tear the pages after every semester in my teaching days.

But today, I have seen blogchatter and consider writing again. For me, so far life is completely fun. I enjoyed almost everything. Be it teaching, be it business, be it writing, be it failure, be it success, I enjoyed everything and it is a ripe time to write something.

After resigning from college in Aug 2015, writing is almost stopped. With less time on paper and doing other things, writing is gone. So now, I am starting writing on PC.

Wish me luck.


The first Post

This is my first post from Windows Live writer using windows 8 as platform. I write this post just to check the features of windows live writer. Fortunately, windows live writer is an extremely good tool for the blogging application.

Till date, my experience with windows 8 it not so good. It really sucks. When the day will come when Microsoft learn to make lighter system. See Chrome OS, superfast booting system, but windows still takes around 90 to 120 seconds to boot.

Alas, windows 8 refused to install facebook app on my system. It says that my system does not meet the system requirements. What does it need i9n system requirement. I am sitting on a PC with i3 processor, 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. What else does it need?

Anyway, this is a post just to start up and it does not containing any meaningful thing.